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The Official 173d Airborne Brigade Association Foundation


Bob Thomas from South Boston, MA. His last assignment with H&S 3/319th was Forward Observer for a Special Forces CIDG MIKE Force.

I was playing a Lotto machine in a guest house in Weisbaden-Biebrich, Germany sometime in early 1967 with a fellow paratrooper Bob Thomas when Bob hit the number 173.  A big smile came across his face as he pointed to the Herd combat patch on his shoulder.  Bob and I both would serve together again in 1968 with the Herd in Vietnam.

Over the  years I’ve had many occasions where the number 173 seem to pop up from nowhere. Recently I gave up trying to fix my 90 year old mother’s dryer and called the Maytag man. When I went by the Maytag shop to pay my bill the amount was $173; I pointed to the 173rd Association patch I was wearing on my shirt sleeve and said to the attendant, “that was the unit I served with in Vietnam.” As I finished writing the check I noticed the check number was 1173.  I had just written checks for $1,173 to each of eight Herd Foundation’s scholarship program recipients a few days before.

Later that day I told my 173 story to Eric Hitchcock our Herd Foundation president; Eric replied that he experienced many 173 pop ups over the years and always wrote them off as fate.

If you have a “Number 173 Pop Up Story” you would like to share please send it to:

Roger D. Conley
The Herd Foundation
4030 Mt. Carmel-Tobasco RD, Suite 216, Cincinnti, Ohio 45255
Fax: (513) 528-0199

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