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Call To Arms- Fellow Sky Soldier Needs Your Help

Call To Arms- Fellow Sky Soldier Needs Your Help

On October 18th SSG Brandon Thomas was threatened and attacked by a convicted criminal. Brandon used force necessary to protect his own life and prevent the assailant from harming anyone else in the immediate area. The fact that he remained at the scene and calmly phoned 911 to inform local officials shows that he was in control of his mental faculties and acted in a manner that would have been repeated by most soldiers in Brandon’s situation. Brandon is the recipient of the Bronze star with valor, 3 purple hearts, and multiple army commendation medals. Brandon is a husband, father, Sky Soldier and true American Hero. Please click here to read a character reference for SSG Brandon Thomas by Commanding Colonel William B. Ostlund, Infantry.

Brandon served as a Mortar Man with the best conventional unit in the army, the 173d Airborne Brigade (ABCT). Brandon deployed with the 173rd during OEF6 and OEF8 and also deployed 15 months in Iraq before coming to the 173rd. While on combat missions Brandon orchestrated complex fire missions neutralizing enemy attacks and always placed the safety of his men before his own. Brandon on all his missions was always collected and calm in the heat of battle while taking enemy fire.

“We used to say Mr. Thomas had a way to keep confrontations from escalating into something serious.”

“Brandon’s calm and quick actions in combat situations have led to the survival of many soldiers fighting with him.”

Brandon not only acted in a military capacity in Afghanistan, he acted as an ambassador helping to make plans for building the first Government Headquarters in the Khak-i-Afghan District, in Northern Zabol.  He was an integral part in the opening of the first elementary school that had been burned down by the Taliban 7 years earlier.  Brandon also provided over 100 hours to the establishment of a Village Medical Outreach program, which set record attendance numbers for the Zabol Province.  His well roundedness was shown even further in his teaching of Afghan Police and Army soldiers in tactical doctrine. Regardless of the Task, Brandon intuitively produced in a confident and humble manner.  His ability to teach young soldier’s tasks on difficult indirect fire methods as well as creating safety checks for soldiers to patrol under is a testament to his critical thinking skills.

Brandon’s lawyer is confident he will be released when all the facts come to light. Right now Brandon and his family need support from his fellow Sky Soldiers to let him know he is not forgotten. Please donate to the Brandon Thomas Defense fund to let him know we are here for him ALL THE WAY!


Donate online by clicking this button:


Or, make check payable to: 173rd ABF


Roger D Conley Treasurer`


4030 Mt. Carmel-Tobasco RD

Suite 216

Cincinnati, OH 45255



  1. Thinking of u always Brandon & hoping everything will turn out well for u…

  2. Here for you brother, anyway I can.

  3. If everyone that could from the 173rd Airborne Brigade would show up at the Courthouse on November 7th and show their support, I bet that would go a long with the DA and the Judge. Just a thought, but it sure couldn’t hurt.

  4. Thank you and bless everyone of you that are supporting my son and hero Brandon Daniel Thomas……we shall face this crisis and rise above it with your continued support

  5. Lets help this Sky Soldier, once a Sky Soldier , Always a Sky Soldier !
    I was the 4.2 Mortar F.O. for “C”2/503 1966-67. Brandon you have a whole another Family called the HERD !Iam sending my contribution today !

  6. Stay strong, bro! You’re in our thoughts and prayers.


    Everyone check out the video. Thanks for everyones support.

  8. Brother, we will show what, “brothers in arms” really means. As always you are not alone in this fight, Sky Soldiers fight together!

  9. We will all get through this as a family Brandon, just like we did during those immensely trying times during deployments. Love you Brother!

  10. Hang in there brother. I’m in Texas, a long way from your trial, but I’ll be thinking about you and eager to hear of a positive outcome.

  11. Brandon is my nephew..son of my late brother Dan Thomas..he is a good man,good father and a war hero . He was in the wrong place at the wrong time..he survived everything the enemy could throw at him during his years in service…and now faces something that may take him down. He needs your moral support and your financial support to get himself and his family through this dark time…we, his family , support him and thank you for whatever you can do for them.


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